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Our Smile Analysis

The smile analysis is a comprehensive and personalised evaluation designed to unlock the full potential of your smile. 

Exclusively available at our WeSmile+ Dental Clinic in Clementi.

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Our PLUS point

At WeSmile+, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most exceptional and personalised dental care.

That’s why every consultation at our WeSmile+ Dental Clinic includes the Smile Analysis, as we place immense importance on understanding and enhancing your unique smile.

Our commitment to this comprehensive assessment sets us apart, ensuring that we don’t just treat teeth but craft captivating smiles that radiate confidence and beauty.

The WeSmile+ Smile Analysis

We carefully assess each individual’s unique dental characteristics and facial features, tailoring personalised recommendations for smile enhancement. From teeth whitening and straightening to other cosmetic procedures, we take great pride in ensuring our patients leave our clinic not only with healthy teeth but also with beaming confidence in their new, dazzling smiles.

What does the Smile Analysis include?

Our commitment to meticulous evaluation and personalised care ensures that your smile transformation is a masterpiece you’ll proudly share with the world.

Our comprehensive smile analysis combines the following factors to create a tailored treatment plan that enhances your smile’s beauty while addressing your specific dental needs:

Our smile analysis delves deep into the alignment and position of your teeth. We carefully evaluate the symmetry and positioning of each tooth to identify any irregularities or misalignments that may affect the overall harmony of your smile.

A radiant smile starts with bright, healthy-looking teeth. In our smile analysis, we pay close attention to the colour of your teeth, assessing any discolouration or stains. By understanding your tooth colour preferences, we can recommend various teeth whitening treatments that will bring out the natural brilliance of your smile.

The appearance of your gums plays a crucial role in framing your smile. Our smile analysis includes a meticulous examination of the gum line to ensure it complements the proportions of your teeth, achieving a harmonious balance between teeth and gums.

Your smile’s beauty is influenced by the relationship between your lips and the line of your smile. We carefully assess how your lips interact with your teeth when you smile to ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result.

A healthy bite and proper occlusion are essential for both oral function and overall dental health. During our smile analysis, we examine how your upper and lower teeth fit together, identifying any bite-related issues that may require attention.

A well-aligned smile exhibits symmetry, and we analyse the position of your midline to detect any deviations that may affect the overall balance and aesthetics of your smile.

Your smile is an integral part of your facial features. In our smile analysis, we take into account your unique facial characteristics to ensure that any smile enhancements we recommend complement your overall appearance seamlessly.

We believe that your input is vital in crafting the perfect smile for you. Our smile analysis involves open communication to understand your concerns, desires, and expectations, ensuring that the personalised recommendations we provide align perfectly with your vision of an ideal smile.

The dentists performing your Smile Analysis

Dr. Khoo Huan Ding​

Principal Dentist



Dr Khoo graduated with honours from the University of Manchester, the UK in 2009. Since then, she has completed her Masters in General Dentistry training at the University of Hong Kong and published her research on implant-supported overdenture. Dr Khoo has cared for patients in UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, both in private practice and hospital settings, and is versed in treating patients of all ages, backgrounds, and medical conditions.

Dr Khoo practices evidence-based dentistry and is committed to providing patients with ethical, long-lasting, and conservative restoration. She continues to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry through continuing education. She has recently completed her Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry in the highly prestigious King’s College London. Outside of the dental office, you will find Dr Khoo training for running races (virtual races in COVID times) at all hours.

Dr Lim Dentist at WeSmile Dental Care Singapore

Dr. Lim Tse Chiun




Dr. Lim earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 2005. Since then, she has held positions in various government institutions before transitioning to private practice.

She firmly believes that ensuring patient understanding, and promoting preventive actions are two crucial foundations for maintaining excellent dental health; preferring to approach treatment conservatively.

Dr. Lim resides in an apartment in Singapore filled with gluten products, peanuts, pet dander, and other allergens. To stay active, she enjoys strolling along organised supermarket aisles during off-peaks hours and regularly engages in a largely unknown sport of Competitive Avoidance, where participants strategically dodge boisterous crowds and vibrant neon colours.


Smile Analysis FAQs

No, the smile analysis is painless and non-invasive. Our dentists use advanced techniques and technology to examine your smile comfortably.

Absolutely! The smile analysis is beneficial for everyone, regardless of whether you have existing dental concerns or not. It helps us identify potential areas of improvement to create a more harmonious and attractive smile.

Yes, following the smile analysis, our dentists will provide you with a personalised treatment plan. This plan will outline the recommended procedures and cosmetic enhancements tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

The smile analysis is included as part of your initial consultation with us at WeSmile+. However, if further diagnostic tests or specific evaluations are needed, there might be additional costs involved, which will be discussed with you beforehand.

Absolutely! The smile analysis serves as a foundation for any additional dental treatments you may require. By understanding your smile better, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all dental needs.

Scheduling a smile analysis is simple. You can book an appointment with us here or contact our clinic directly. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in arranging your smile analysis and answering any further questions you may have.