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Our Geriatric Dentistry Expert – Dr. Khor Guan Chiang​

  • Dentistry Honours, University of Queensland, Australia
  • English
  • Chinese – Mandarin

Geriatric dentistry expert, Dr. Khor, is adept at addressing common dental issues faced by seniors, including dentures, gum disease, and identifying the root cause of concerns for long-term care. With a gentle and non-pushy approach, he creates a comfortable environment for seniors, ensuring they feel at ease during visits. Dr. Khor’s multilingual skills facilitate effective communication with diverse patients, fostering trust and understanding.

With a commitment to personalised care and enhancing oral health, Dr. Khor is dedicated to providing seniors with a positive and empowering dental experience.

A compassionate & people-centred geriatric dentist

Navigating the unique dental needs of the elderly requires expertise, empathy, and a deep understanding of age-related oral health challenges. Born and raised in Singapore, Dr. Khor stands as a beacon of compassionate care and specialised knowledge in geriatric dentistry, catering to the dental well-being of our senior community with unparalleled dedication.

Unlike traditional dental practices that may adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Dr. Khor’s practice is characterised by its tailored care for elderly patients. His approach is grounded in a philosophy of respect, understanding, and patience, recognising that each patient’s journey towards optimal oral health may differ significantly.

Ethical, conservative interventions that preserve natural teeth and promote overall well-being are top priorities for Dr. Khor. He understands the importance of gentle care, especially for elderly patients who may have dental anxiety or physical limitations.

Dr. Khor ensures that elderly patients feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their visit. From creating a soothing environment to minimising wait times, every aspect of his practice is designed to enhance the dental experience for seniors.

Dr. Khor’s approach revolves around addressing the elderly’s chief concerns, whether it’s restoring functionality, alleviating discomfort, or enhancing aesthetics. His treatments are not just about fixing immediate issues but also about fostering long-term oral health and quality of life for seniors. He utilises up-to-date techniques, such as comprehensive full-mouth assessments that delve deep into the oral health landscape of elderly individuals, identifying issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer early on.

His dedication to the elderly community goes beyond the clinic, encompassing educational initiatives and advocacy for better oral health among seniors. Patients who entrust their dental care to Dr. Khor can expect not just treatment but also guidance, support, and a partner in their journey towards healthy, happy smiles in their golden years.

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The importance of choosing an expert geriatric dentist — Understanding seniors’ unique needs

As we age, our oral health needs evolve, requiring more specialized care and attention to detail. The elderly population often faces unique dental challenges due to factors such as natural wear and tear on teeth, age-related health conditions, and medications that can impact oral health. These factors underscore the critical importance of choosing an expert geriatric dentist who understands the complexities of senior dental care.

Here are some areas to look out for when choosing a dentist for your elderly loved one: 

Expert geriatric dentists should bring specialised knowledge and extensive experience in addressing the unique oral health needs of seniors. They conduct comprehensive assessments that delve into various aspects of oral health, including gum health, tooth decay, oral cancer screenings, and the impact of medications. This specialised expertise ensures proactive identification and effective treatment of aging-related dental issues.

This is especially crucial for elderly patients who may experience dental anxiety or have physical limitations. A good geriatric dentist should create a supportive environment that promotes comfort and trust, ensuring a positive dental experience for seniors. Their tailored approach takes into account the specific needs and concerns of elderly individuals, fostering a sense of confidence and well-being.

Beyond immediate treatments, the dentist should prioritise the long-term oral health and quality of life for seniors. They emphasise preserving natural teeth, promoting oral hygiene practices, and addressing issues that can impact overall well-being. Additionally, these dentists collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals, including primary care physicians and specialists, to ensure wholistic and coordinated care for elderly patients. This collaborative approach and focus on long-term wellness make them invaluable partners in maintaining healthy, happy smiles among the elderly population.

Our geriatric dentistry specialities

Dental prosthetics for tooth loss

Implant overdentures &

We specialise in various dental prosthetics, offering tailored solutions for seniors facing complete or partial tooth loss.

With vast experience in both dentures and implants, Dr. Khor provides a range of options, including partial/full dentures, implant overdentures, and all-on-4/all-on-6 dental implants. These treatments are meticulously designed to restore oral function, enhance aesthetics, and improve overall quality of life for our elderly patients.

Treatment for gum disease


Given the prevalence of gum disease in seniors due to factors like reduced immune response and medication effects, early intervention is crucial.

With specialised knowledge and a gentle approach, Dr. Khor addresses gum disease, recession, and other age-related concerns effectively, promoting optimal gum health and overall oral well-being for our senior community. Safeguard your loved ones’ smile through personalised and proactive gum care.

Cavity repair & tooth extraction

We specialise in addressing the unique needs of elderly patients for cavity repair and tooth extraction, particularly those with tooth decay and periodontal disease.

With a gentle and compassionate approach, Dr. Khor ensures comfortable procedures and effective treatment outcomes, taking into account factors such as diabetes that may require special consideration during extractions. His expertise extends to navigating the complexities of senior dental care, promoting oral health and preserving natural teeth whenever possible.

What are the typical cost of dental care for the elderly in Singapore?

Dental treatment costs can vary widely based on factors such as the type of procedure, the complexity of the case, the materials used, and the dental clinic’s location.

We understand that transparency in pricing is crucial when considering geriatric dental care services for our loved ones. At WeSmile Dental, our commitment to providing quality care extends to ensuring clarity in financial matters.

If you have any questions or need assistance understanding the costs associated with your desired treatment, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.


Does insurance cover dental care services for the elderly?

The coverage for geriatric dental care services can vary depending on your insurance plan. To determine whether your insurance includes these services, it’s advisable to check directly with your insurance provider for clarity on coverage details.

At WeSmile Dental, we prioritise simplifying the process for our patients. As direct billing partners of AIA group and IHP, those with AIA/IHP Dental coverage enjoy a hassle-free journey. There’s no upfront payment required; we take care of all paperwork, submitting insurance claims directly to AIA & IHP on your behalf. This streamlined approach eliminates the inconvenience of upfront payments and reimbursement procedures. Now, your loved one can focus on prioritising their oral health without the added burden of navigating complicated insurance paperwork.

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