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At WeSmile Dental, our priority is to put your needs first. Our team of dentists stand by the care provided, so that you have a peace of mind when coming into our clinics.

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Our Dental Care Quality Assurance

Here at WeSmile Dental, we value the trust our patients place in our dental treatment services. We are delighted to provide you assurance regarding the quality of our dental services.

To ensure that your oral health is well taken care of, we offer a Dental Care Quality Assurance Programme for specific procedures performed at any of our dental clinics.

Unsure if your treatment qualifies for Quality Assurance Programme? Feel free to check in with your respective dentist before the start of your treatment!

Here’s what is covered under our Dental Care Quality Assurance Programme:

Invisalign Comprehensive

Coverage period: 5 years

What’s covered?

This coverage is only valid for the Invisalign Comprehensive treatment and commences upon the start of the dental treatment.

Upon completion of the treatment, you will be given a set of retainers customised by your dentist to help you maintain your straightened teeth so that you can worry less and smile more. 

Once you embark on a full Invisalign treatment plan with us, all consultations, attachments, adjustments and interproximal reduction procedures (IPR) will automatically be covered under the Dental Care Quality Assurance Programme. 

What’s not covered?

In the event that secondary refinements are required within the 5 years warranty period, (e.g. a relapse happens when retainers are not worn regularly), an additional administrative fee of $360 (before GST) will be charged.

This coverage does not apply to transfer cases from other dental clinics that are not under the WeSmile Dental Care Group.

Dental Implants

Coverage period: 10 years

What’s covered?

If a dental implant is required in your personalised treatment plan, you can be reassured that the entire treatment procedure is covered under our Dental Care Quality Assurance programme — as long as the entire implant process is performed at any one our clinics, from start to finish.

Any implant prosthesis such as crown, bridge, overdenture will be covered under a 1 year warranty.

What’s not covered?

In the event that additional dental procedures such as bone grafting have been recommended by our dentists, the Dental Care Assurance may be voided.


Coverage period: 1 year

What’s covered?

If your dentures are customised at any one of our WeSmile Dental Care clinics, we provide a coverage of up to 1 year under our Dental Care Quality Assurance programme. If you find that your dentures do not sit comfortably or if it’s affecting your bite, feel free to come back for denture adjustments within the year to ensure that the dentures are a comfortable fit for you.

With proper care and maintenance as recommended by our dentists, you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods without having to worry about the pain or bite.

What’s not covered?

If a denture breaks as a result of dropping it as an accident, and/or any of the clasps break as a result of wear and tear, they will not be covered under the Dental Care Quality Assurance programme.

Crown and Bridges

Coverage period: 5 years

What’s covered?

For a period of up to 5 years, you will be in good hands as the Dental Care Quality Assurance covers any breakages or dislodgement caused to your crown or bridge under normal function.

What’s not covered?

The Dental Care Assurance will not cover the breakage of a tooth underneath a crown or bridge should the tooth be weakened or cracked initially.

Root canal treatments after the provision of the crown will not be covered.

Situations that may lead to a void of the Dental Care Quality Assurance

Unfortunately, some things in life are beyond our control. 

  • Recommended dental visits are missed. These are usually carried out every 6 months but may be sooner if the gum conditions need more attention.
  • Negligence of dental oral hygiene by patients. If the dentists’ professional guidance is not followed accordingly by the patient (example: Not using Nightguard).
  • Unforeseen infection from other teeth or other causes.
  • Accidental trauma to the face and head area resulting in damage of teeth or restorations.
  • Oral hygiene has been neglected by the patient.
  • If failure is due to negligence by the patient (example, but not limited to: Biting hard objects, chewing ice, cracking nut shells or crab shells etc).
  • Remedial work was done at another clinic without prior acknowledgement and approval from WeSmile Dental clinics.
  • Medical conditions leading to negative effects on the dental situation (e.g. smoking, diabetes,  osteoporosis, etc).
  • Any previously identified conditions that may arise in a likely failure of the restoration.
  • Any other unforeseen circumstances which is beyond the control of our dentists.

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